Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New outfits

You don't have any idea what to wear? Is it raining and dark outside? So pick something colourful and something what would speak for itself! Someone said that the devil is in details... Look at this beetle brooch! If you have something like this in your jewellery, find it and wear it to the plain blouse! 
Everything will look much fashionable, and chic!
About burgundy,... nice colour for this season, I decide to pick a bag and a hat ;) More elegant you are, the more stylish you become :)
About the blezer from the photo, I fell in love with it when I saw it! 
Like love from the first sight :)
Yellow skirt will bring a more powerful and colourful atmosphere to the dark days :)
So mix things! Something what is old with something what is new :)
Ornamented T-shirt - River Island
Yellow skirt - Mohito
Burgundy Bag - HINOJO by Menbur
Big black ring a la Daisy Style
Leather Shoes - River Island
Blezer - River Island
Deep blue pencil Skirt - Mohito
Boots - Coreline by Guess
Black basque Blouse - River Island
Flower Skirt - River Island
Burgundy Fedora Hat - Mohito
Beetle Brooch
Leather Boots - Alade by Guess

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