Monday, November 19, 2012

Christopher Kane to leave Versus

A British designer of Versus (second line of Versace) - 
Christopher Kane anounced his leaving.
He worked for this company for 6 seasons (three years). 
Donatella Versace thanked him for his contribution and work.
After his decision of leaving, Donatella said that they will be looking for young designers, also talented and devoted, but not only to fashion. 
And, Christopher Kane will be working on his own - making his own line. 
Here are some photos from the last collection of Kane for 
Versus for spring/summer 2013.
About the collection read under the photos ;)
Christpher Kane - spring/summer 2013
Christopher Kane cannot himself said where his inspiration came from! :)
"I don’t know, I honestly don’t know!" he told to the press and fashion people. 
Personally I love bows! It turned out that Kane also: "Well I just really wanted bows. I loved the idea of sweet, sickly sweet."
Something what caused perplexity was a plastering termo tape on his dresses. Why? "Just something that happened in the studio. Childish, really." But is presents his inner love to punk ;)
The collecion is kind of futuristic, a leather jacket with almost invisible skirt, a strapless dress bowed across the bust...
Someone says that collection is inspired by Frankenstein (his "face" in some T-shirts). That is not true, it is more delicate, but futuristic at the same time. Many transparent fabrics, delicate colours make this collection more ethereal. 
Very nice collection, I am going to look also at his last fall/winter 2012-13 collction ;) 
We'll be in touch!

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