Saturday, November 3, 2012

LUBLU again ...

 Do you remember my post about Kira Plastinina? Here, there are some photos from her fall/winter 2012-13 collection. This young 20-year-old woman is talented, but what we can say more - it is a street fashion, nothing haut-couture... Nothing innovative. Just nice clothes for everyday wear. I don' t say that I do not like them, but I was expecting more...
I like red outfit, a blouse with a bow plus 7/8 pants. Also, interesting is the orange one, very simple.
I like a combination of knitwear with black laces, it makes that this collection has a different character and something new.
She also disigned a beige dress with longer back and shorter front.
The last one is a mix of colours, it has a kind of futuristic character, because she combined light blue with orange, beige and black. 
Whole is very cliched, but nice, I believe in comfortability of this clothes and cool platforms ;)
These clothes, its colours can introduce some energy to the office, black is elegant, but sometimes is boring. You can mix it with more subdued colours - like black.
What do you think?

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