Thursday, July 25, 2013

The End of Dolce&Gabbana?

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are warning that if they are forced to pay the 344 mln Euro panalty for the tax fraud (thay do not admit their guilt) the copany will bunkrupt. 'We cannot handle this', said Dolce. It is a huge amount of money. But do you want Dolce&Gabbana House of Fashion to be closed? That would be terrible for the fashion world! 

Versace Resort 2014

As I have promised today will be about Versace Resort  
or Cruise (as you like) 2014 collection.
What is different in new Versace Cruise collection for 2014 is sweet colourfulness, but without forgetting that seductive feminine style which characterized Donatella's is visible. We can observe maritime inspirations, very colourful and luxury in style that can be worn in every good resort. It is difficult to choose one perfect outfit because almost every is splendorous. Do you havr the same feeling about this? 
This outfits suits for a luxury private beach, rich yachts andexpensive curorts.  
Versace combined prints with sailor-stripe cardigan with a long skirt all in turquoise. Panst with micro-flowers mixed with bra top, like Medusa. In my previous post you could see swimsuit which is cutout - very original and in turquoise colour. Sexy dresses, tuxedo jacket are the reminiscents of the old Versace style. Enjoy the Versace lookbook with my favourite ones!
And comment if you like! ;)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Holidays are in full bloom

Holidays are in full bloom so I'm sorry not posting here lately. But I'm going to fix this and give you some new posts, opinions about collections that I like or are proper for such time. Firstly, congratulation for Kate and William, Royal Baby is on the world ;) Be healthy and lucky Little Prince. 
Secondly, I'm gonna write something about Versace cruise collection because is so current and fine.
But now, I write about what I love the most - haute couture collections. 
Today, Giambattista Valli, autumn-winter 2013/2014.

The collection was inspired by the world's finest porcelain. Tha fashion show took place in the Grand Palais, it was called 'Haute 5', because it is his fifth collection. Models walked through deluxe ivory carpet, we could see five statues which can correspond with the name of the collection. Statues were crafted in white porcelain and garlanded with white flowers. As I wrote before, the inspiration was by the world's finest porcelain - Capodimonte, Wedgewood, Sevres and Meissen, thanks to that it remids about femininity, youth and sweetness. 
 Very light dresses with teeny waists, shoulders looking like powder puffs with organza flowers, flowers everywhere. All dresses are transparent and with fine embroidery.
He made two dresses - ball gowns which are sharp bursts of colours, like scarlet and sunflower (yellow), unlikely to the rest of the collection. If his client wore such dress, 100% she would feel like a fairy tale princess. Do you agree with me?
Young ladies are going to love this collection. Valli showed his great relationship between his clients. The atmosphere is also important, and that's what we could see on the show.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Polish models on the covers

Anja Rubik on the Russian Vogue cover
 Zuzanna Bijoch on the Mexico Vogue cover
  Kasia Struss (standing) on the Nederland Vogue cover
 Patrycja Gardygajło on the Polish Fashion Magazine cover
Poland should be proud of their models. Last covers are full with beautiful models from Poland. Starting from the top model Anja Rubik and Kasia Struss and finishing with the rising starts, very young Zuzanna Bijoch and Patrycja Gardugajło. That's not all. You should remember about Magdalena Jasek, red-hair beauty who appeared almost at every fashion shows and posed for many lookbooks lately. 
Fingers crossed for Polish models! You're beautiful!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

White for more cool days in summer

Something for more coolest days in summer :) How do you like it? For me is perfect ;) White is always elegant, but think about accessories, black shoes will always be the best choice and something sparkling in your hand - this time silver clutch bag. Vogue and Elle will also pick such style ;) I can assure you :)
Have a nice holidays, despite the weather, have a nice findings in shops, be fashion ;)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Chanel haute couture autumn/winter 2013

As always, Chanel Couture took place in Grand Palais in Paris, as its background we can observe futuristic and apocaliptic view of the world. Broken seats, crumbling walls, piles of rubble and grey curtains of the cinema. Lagerfeld combined the traditional accents of Chanel House with futuristic accents. Thick tweeds with silver threads cooperate with the background. Mainly colours were dark and cool.
'The future!' was the main theme in the collection. 'Old world meets new world' said Karl about the combinatian of the show and Rihanna clothes which were more 'old glamour' with the pile of pearls and deep V-neck bare chest.