Sunday, June 23, 2013

Temperley London Cruise 2014

The collection of Alice Temperley is  impossibly beautiful. It really suprised me, but we are never disappointed with Temperley London's designs. The collection reimagines the 1950s, couture proportions, reach fabrics is what reminds the 50s. Collection is full with delicate petal appliques and floral prints which are key to the collection. It is important to bear in mind that every floral print is hand printed, digitally engineered before applying. About the imaginary muse Temperley says that “she’s an enchanted princess from the South of France who lives a charmed life and only ever wears beautiful clothes”. It is visible that resort 2014 collections are going into luxury and rich people. When it comes to colours palette consists of brightness, creams, cinnamon, lavender, navy and ecru. Evening gowns are also jaw-dropping, floor-lenghted, inserts which are decorated with petals on shoulders are what distinguish the collection.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Valentino Resort 2014

I think that Valentino Resort collection for the 2014 is the most beautiful from all propositions given by the designers. It is not only the clothes which are enormously stunning, but the red-hair Magdalena Jasek who presents this clothes so lightly and etherically. It suits to such beauty. I don't have red hair but such clothes is what I really love and will suit me and I am looking for similar clothes to them. Valentino designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli created a collection of luxe ease with a mix of elegant day wear and ethereal nighttime looks. Such collection can be great for anyboy! Chic, elegant and loose at the same time. I love dreamy every pastel floor-length dresses embroidered with delicate detailing of tropical floralas. A real pieces of art. Do you remember the last resort collection and stars who wore dresses from this collection? I don't have to explain the beauty of the dresses :)
The collection is parted into two. In the first part is a silhouette of a schoolgirl. It's full of navy rompers, high-waisted jeans, perfect cable-knit sweaters, and short pleated skirts with classic shoes. The second part was described firstly. Only one what I can add are words said by the duo from Valentino: “This collection perfectly exemplifies our idea of effortless beauty combined with our culture of couture”.