Friday, June 14, 2013

Chanel Cruise 2013/14

Liu Wen
Always elegant black
 Stella Tennant
 Joan Smalls in blonde hair specially for this show
 Cara Delevingne sashays in blue batik brocade baring her midriff
 New style denim
 Long cardigan in romantic view
 Very chic swim-wear with cardigan long as to the floor
 Beige and an immortal Chanel bag
 Something for the coolest days
 Sui He
 Pink rose also can be elegant
 Skinny skirts, pearls, little bag, 
everything what Coco would have need
 White with silver jewells
 Beautiful jacket, embroidered with pearls
 Coco styled dress
 New face in modeling Ondria Hardin is sublime in pink
 Joan Smalls
 Black is everywhere
 Black with flash
 Kati Nescher is part punk, 
part Swan Lake in tulle ruffles and a jewelled choker
 Flowers on the dress
 Very characteristic Lindsay Wixon
 Stella Tennant
 Asian beauty in the Coco's pearls and white satin dress
The new location of Chanel fashion show was comepletely different as previously. Chanel left the interior of Grand Palais and moved to the far away countries, as the newest Chanel Cruise 2013/14 - to the Singapore.

The show took place in the old disused military barrack building Loewen Cluster, the remains after British colonization. It was a nice contrast between elegant designs and military look of the interiors. On the catwalk showed up the favourite models of Lagerfeld: Cara Delevingne, Kati Nasher, Stella Tennant, Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls (for the show she died her her into blond!). Of course it could not lack of the China's tops including Xiao Wen Ju, He Sui and Ming Xi who made this show international.
"Only King Karl could pay homage to Singapore's colonial past through a heady kitsch mix of batik brocades, cheongsam-esque necklines, Señor Coconut, cricket, and Coco's pearls. 
The result knocked us for six."
About make-up: Peter Philips presented electric blue and heavy black liner for eye-effect.
Hair: part-punk.
Colours: black, white, beige, navy blue and one design in pink.
Look: over 80 looks, with many contrasts, e.g. wide palazzo trousers and then some skinny pencil skirts. 
We could observe long cardigans, sailor striped tonics, short jackets, mini crochet dresses, 
denim, v-neck sweaters, crisp shirts.
The lovers of Chanel couldn't be disappointed, black pencil dresses and strings of pearls were one of the characteristcs of Coco look which appeared on the show. Also, it couldn't be run out of tweed and satin.

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