Monday, October 28, 2013

Victoria's Secret 2013 show is coming...

Victoria's Secret is inspired by a love for lingerie, as we can read in their advertisment. But we can also find fantasy (as they always release Fantasy Bra which are worth millions of dollars), luxury, beauty, desire to bring beauty into every woman's wardrobe. Such little things can really evoke smile and urge to possess.
And 'what’s closest to your body is always closest to our heart' - VS devision - for me very actual and true ;)
The show will be run in december and I don't know which models will go through the catwalk (probably Cara won't), who will sing and what will be presented (you can watch a sketch which was releasd by VS) ;)
But whatever VS is going to present, every woman will find something for herself.

My beautiful Liu Wen (刘雯)

My last favourite photos of Liu Wen from the Antidote Magazine.
I don't have to write anything, such photos can be only admired.
Victor Demarchelier is a great artist, in one session he presented Liu in so many different scenes. 
Also, thanks to perfect posing by Liu - I adore her beauty.

Magazine Antidote Fall/Winter 2013
Photographer: Victor Demarchelier
Stylist: Yann Weber

I'm not dead

I have to come back!
I really failed with my posting lately... I am really sorry for that, but!
Prepare for an enormous doze of fashion!
I am going to write more and more about what is interesting for me in fashion and what can be interesting for you as well.
In october I was a participant to Fashion Workshops, I met so many interesting and absorbig people, and with new powers this blog is going to be more colourful and more attractive and eye-catching.
But I need your energy and your opinion to create something good!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Candice Swanepoel's $10 Million Dollar Secret

My God! The newest Fantasy Bra by Victoria's Secret is worth $10 Million Dollar!
How do you like it?