Sunday, November 18, 2012

Meaning of love...

"If I could dream at all, it would be about you!" I am a kid of the Twilight Saga. Now, I am adult, I have my own life. But my feelings does not change, I really like the last movie and sincerly I can recommend it. I am very sensitive person and such things really moves me. Someone can tell that sparkling vampires are stupid and Kristen Stewart is a bad actress, but it will not change my idea of what I read, what I read about love, family and relationship between the closest friends. I am really happy that you are with me here and it makes me to write more and more :) 
Remember! Remember what is the most important in life - love. You cannot lose it or pass by, it may never happen again so catch everyday and be happy, make your dream come true (carpe diem)!
I am sorry that this post does not reflect any fashion - I am simply not in mood - but this are words trully from my heart. Love other people and yourself - it is my code of style - first rule. Love you! ;)

Kristen Stewart at premiere in Berlin in Elie Saab dress
Again, Kristen Stewart but in Christian Dior dress at Madrid premiere

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