Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentino haute couture 2013


Every woman is a princess. This is a rule of haute couture designers.
Did you know that only 23 designers have haute couture line nowadays? Of course it is very expensive and prestigious to have such line.
The important thing is that every dress which is made for the haute couture show is made in one copy only. Valentino belongs to this elite circle. They present this time collection full with flowers, and ethereal fabrics.
In such dresses every woman can be a princess. What a pity that only the richest can afford it. It is very hard to attend and watch live. Even the press is very small. First row belongs to the Russian and Arabian Princesses which buy it. The haute couture shows are very, very closed.
But, coming back to the collection… This season is full with flowers and with famous Valentino red colour, laces and many white and ecru shades. The most extraordinary dress was made with layers of organza, embroidered with butterflies and birds wrapped in a tulle fabric. According to the notes, 500 hours took to make such outfit!   
As Piccioli (the one of the artistic directors of Valentino) said, “Couture has to be magical”, so it was. The designers’ collection may be described as full with delicacy and grace, and we can find the reflection of the garden in this collection. Also, Chiuri and Piccoli injected regular shots of the house’s signature red.
The collection is perfect, magical and it is presenting that flowers and architecture can live with symbiosis. Multicoloured flowers embroidered on the dresses and shapes of the architectural outfit made this collection original and perfect.

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