Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chanel haute couture 2013

     This time Karl Lagerfeld moved us to the Grand Palais which looked not as usual. He made a mere forest, full of trees and the runaway was covered with moss. This scenery was more darker than the Diors one (remind that he also made a trees and hedges in his haute couture fashion show). His guests have to wandered through the woods, the same as models. The inspiration for this collection was German place called Weimar and he was thinking about German Romanticism in the late eighteenth century with Goethe and Schiller on the top. 
     As you may notice Karl Lagerfeld is an extraordinary man. He has head full of ideas, and does not stop with making something new. Only a month ago we could admire his pre-fall collection in Scottish style, this time we can observe such a diferent collection, how it is possible, to have such different idea? I think that is a sheer talent.
     The collection glitters and shines. Even in the daytime tweeds are sparkling as well as the evening dresses. A white, silver and black are the main colours in this collection despite of the flowers applications. Karl itself says that "Shine is beautiful for the summer", "It lights the face", if he says so, we should believe it, because he knows about what is he talking about.
     Karl also scandalised people, at the very end of the show he put two brides with a child. It corresponds with the latest controversy among gay-marriage roiling France, but is he as much influential, does the fashion influence poeople to change their mind? I think, about it he moved too far. I didn't find it in this way, but people always wants to look something scandalous. When I saw two brides and kid, I saw only two gorgoeus dresses, and nothing more.
     What is interesting and new: hair and makeup featured with feathery effects. He wants to bring a melancholy to this collection by feathers. He said that: "There's nothing more elegant than a certain kind of melancholia". Sheer beauty.
     Fashion is fashion, and we should not put other things into it, especially if it concerns gay-marriage. We should put aside everything what can polluted our sight into fashion. Politics should be put aside, because fashion is art, and politics is surely not. Why people wants to destroy this image?

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