Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dior haute couture 2013

Today I am going to write about the haute couture collection of the French house of fashion: Dior. 
Since the advent of the New Look in 1947, Dior Haute Couture has represented the utmost in elegance around the world. 
This time, also Dior suprised the viewers and create a beautiful, real garden on which models moves smoothly. In this garden the trees stand the same like in the park, and all around we can see writhing hedge. In such amazing style Raf Simons presented his enormous haute couture collection.
The scenery moves us to the misterious and enchanted garden in which women can feel beautifully and elegant.
Raf Simons through this collection showed his cohesion between the old passion of Cristian Dior, flowers. Dior was a passionate of flowers and he grew them as well.
The most ethereal accent in this collection are the tulle gloves with the flowers on them. 
The flowers are everywhere.
The shape of dresses also reminds a closed up flower bud.
An amazing haute couture...
Do you agree with me?

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