Sunday, January 20, 2013

Defeat your weakness with Alexander McQueen!

This photo reminds me of how I am struggling with the exams. The dress of course is Alexander McQueen's from spring/summer 2013. Really beautiful photo, but also scary. An overwhelming black sky is falling apart. Straight away onto the models head. The same is with being overscheduled and having too many things to do. You have clear thoughts in mind, as the light colour of the dress, but foggy and misty atmosphere of the photo is stronger...
I don't like January. First of all, because the Christmas is finished, secondly because the exams are starting, and the third and the most important is that it is so cold outside! The only thing that I want to do then is sleeping, reading books or watching TV series. I can find only one thing which is good in January - the sales :)
With big regards to those who are suppose to have exams in the following weeks!
Good luck! ;)

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