Sunday, January 13, 2013

Heart-shaped bag

 Lately we can observe that shape-hearted bags are very trendy. Starting with the Snow White's gold-shaped one (this one from Oscar de la Renta), and ending with Vivienne Westwood. We can buy such bags also in River Island, and now I saw a nice sale at Moschino which also has two types of heart-shaped bags (black and red). Chanel has a black & white one, also very chic. This which I presented here is for me one of the prettiest and coolest, it is from Vivienne Westwood collection, a burgundy one, made from leather, I suposse that snake-one.
With such accessory your look can change compleately, for me - it is my must have for January;)
What is your must have for this month?

Today Golden Globes! I start to think about haute couture creations for these evening, who is going to wear what? Looking forward to see it;)
Best wishes to you all!

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