Monday, February 4, 2013

Alexis Mabille haute couture 2013



I have never watched Alexis Mabille collections before. This time it is my first look on it and I have to admit that the pastel colours and light fabrics astonished me. I like pastel colours, I like wearing pastel colours and this collection turned out to be the best inspiration to my spring outfits.
Some may say that this collection is too sweet, but I can say that it is simply different. We can imagine Dita Von Teese wearing such projects (in addition to that, she sat on the front row at this show). It was not black, instead the creations were more suited to his pink runaway, and the entrance was ornamented by giant pink urns sprouting with pink flowers.
The models were wrapped in whirls of weightless organza, nude-colour laces, cascade of flowers and bouquets of origami roses.
This collection is criticised by the fashion writers because of its lack of clarity. This collection is full of ambiguity and can be suitable almost for everyone. It is said that the most important in collection is the point of view and the designer should have to stick to it, to one thing which will be, let say “a leitmotive” of the collection. For me, this collection is very diverse. From one model in tuxedo, to the other one in a great wedding gown, one in pastel colours, the other one in scarlet.  This is what fashion is, a fashion with various styles. Also, we should bare in mind that it is haute couture, such collections should have one point in common, but it is not a necessity.

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