Sunday, February 17, 2013

Giambattista Valli haute couture 2013

               What is important and unique in Valli style as a couturier is that he has a very intimate bond between his clientele. His haute couture collection we can divide into two parts. First one presents black and white. Many dresses were in black, veiled fabric with tulle, and some with the combination of the white with black. It is very simple, but elegant.
                But the second half of the collection turned out to be completely different. He turned to flowers and porcelain under light colours. It made some kind of diffuse, but very nice diffuse. For me, the second half of the show was really great, and speak to me louder that the first part.
                The pastels like pink, lilac, yellow and white are the most visible colours of the collection in the second half of the show. The runway was filled with beautiful models, their hair were loose and wavy or tie up with the flower garland on their heads.

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