Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana haute couture 2013

     Dolce & Gabbana haute couture collection 2013 is wrapped in mystery. The collection is presented only for the potential clients. Even now, we cannot find any photos from the show. But I found something in Mexican Vogue :)
     The show took place in palace in Milan with many gilding and crystal chandeliers. The place was strictly connected with the collection.Architectorial shapes of dresses imitated the Galleries and Cathedrals of Milan.
     The audience consists of only 80 persons (as the Telegraph said). Especially, Monica Bellucci, anonymous clients, Princesseses and rich Russian women. Even, the most popular fashion magazines cannot watch this shaw, only a few has a right to see it and write about it. 
     In the collection the dominant colours were white and pastels. Good news for fans of Polish models, the final creation, a gold wedding dress was worn by Zuza Bijoch, Polish model. She looked gorgeous, and the dress was dripped with gold and jewellery, an extraordinary wedding dress. Her veil was on the real gold crown. The same with the shoes - made form real gold (they must have been heavy ;) )
     I will not write more about this show, it is better to look in the pictures which I left you ;)
     Have a nice watching ;) !

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