Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 13 for New Year's Eve!


 Topshop Uniq
 Jason Wu
 Michael Kors
 Rachel Zoe
 Rachel Zoe
 Rachel Zoe
 Roberto Cavalli
 Prabal Gurung
 Jason Wu
A collection of 13 photos of inspiration for New Year's Eve creation! 
I hope that everyone has already found her best dress! ;) 
But remember! ...You have to shine bright! ;)
This is my list of wishes to you for 2013!
 Happy New Year 2013!
 Make your dreams come true!
 Find your style and follow it!
 Enough money, to buy Heremes or Chanel bag, or whatever you want :) 
 Trips to fashion capitals!
 Enough sales for everyone!
 Health, wealth and diamonds, all possible that I wish you!
 Fall in love or find a true love!
 Don't worry! Make your life easier and don't think about problems!
That's all for you from My Code of Style ;)
Hope we will meet the next year! 

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