Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lady pink

You don't want to be older that you are? Choose the colour which always makes you look younger.
But be careful, pink can be treacherous! Choose one pink item and combine it with the classic black&white.
Leather boots and bag will make your look elegant.
Try to think about the accessories. I choose more girlish like, but if you want to be more elegant choose something plain, like silver or gold necklece.

OLYMPIA LE TAN Leather skirt
Sergio Rossi Miladys Booties
Bag Versace Collection LBF0302 LVER1 L41OC
Zara Combination Pear And Chain Necklace
DKNY Silk-Cashmere Cozy Cardigan in Black
Equipment Welly Shirt - Bright White £225

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