Monday, September 9, 2013

Celine - The best Autumn/Winter 2013 collection!

These time Phoebe Philo, Celine creative director, is on the top. I buy everything what she designed!
Very good collection, useful and as the main director (Philo) said: 'instinct and desire', is how she would describe her collection. She has a good instinct for woman and what they will want to wear.
In her new collection Phoebe plays with adversities: softness and sexapil, heat and coldness. 
I am sure that pastel coats presented by Celine will be the must have of the season, also, checked skirts and flexible bags which look like envelopes, will do as well.
Look also at the stunning dress made from mink coat! It is the highest fushion, created for the Russian Princesses! 
British Elle commented Celine collection as the 'faultless', I must totally agree with it. Philo said that she is getting 'back to basics' and we all know that it is the key for success and to being elegant and stylish.
Philo presented a new skirt shape, repeated in cream, powdery apricot, white, black, grey and many others, having something looks like upside-down tulip shape. Also, the lenght is very important, cutting just below the knee.
What is more, Phoebe doesn't care if someone would like to copy her in this business, she said that 'It’s completely flattering.' Even though we souldn't exspect a high-street collaboration anytime soon, as Philo said: ‘I don’t have time, but I would if I could.’ What a pity...

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