Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel fall-winter 2013/2014

The show took place at the Grand Palais, the central place of the scenery was the sculpture of the monumental globe with the map of 300 stores of the brand with the precise marking flags. The place where the most wanted people seated on the auditorium, like princess Caroline of Monaco, Jessica Chastain, Milla Jovovich… Such woman makes the collection success, like a free promotion.
According to this monumental globe, Lagerfeld said about “the globalisation of fashion. I wanted a global look, not a French look. I wanted a very monochrome silhouette - dark but not sad - a touch of shine, a touch of pink”.
He also said that this “collection is very down to earth, grounded on its feet”. What does it mean?  The black won, the show is overruled by black colour, sometimes we could observe navy, blue, pink and white, but leather and black was the main motive of the collection. A combination of leather stocking or mini skirts with hems of coat or fur bonnets presents something new to the collection. About shoes, all models wore black, long boots, almost flat decorated with silver chains or studded.
The show cannot be Chanel’s show without the fitted tweed jackets and tweed skirts. Karl presented also the classics, as it mentioned above and the coats with high collars, with the length and cut to present mini skirts beneath.  
Unquestionably, Chanel show was one of the best shows of the Paris Fashion Week. It shows the art of designing, and the dominant role of the brand in the world. It should not bother anyone, because Chanel has a long history and deserves to be one of the bests. I am only curious about one thing… How the auditorium could see all the details? Because the scenery made such a long distance, and I believe it was hard to see anything. Despite, for me, like every ordinary people it is better to look at the photos after show or the live report.

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