Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My art

I couldn't decide myself to put this picture here. I have painted this almost four years ago! I hope that you recoginze what this picture presents :) 
I was a big fan of Twilight and I had decided to paint something like that years ago. 
I know that it is something different from things that I put here, but believe me, it was really hard to decide... Like every artist I feel ashamed. 
Please comment if you like or not :)
For your consideration...I have more.
Technique: acrylic.
P.S. If anyone couldn't recognize who is on the picture it is Isabella Swan from Twilight.


  1. It's amazing !!!! I have no idea about your drawing hobby. I'm impressed. :-)

  2. Thank you! It was always my "third life" if I could say so, but time is the thing that I don't have much...